Jumatatu, Julai 13, 2015

It is true that "TRUE Leaders raise another Leaders!"

Abias Mayalu (BA. PSPA-Hons; Msc. LM) Consultant: Governance and Control - HR
Human beings have a tendency of learning from people they believe they are smarter than themselves. Actions teach more than anybody can imagine. Learning from charismatic leaders you will find people being attracted to follower-ship just because of the influence exerted by the leader. I strongly believe that actions have a very big impact when it comes to influencing people.

 If you are a true leader less we expect you to bear fruits which can't reflect who you are and what you do, but the viceversa is true. a parent is always what she gives when we consider biological perspective.

Why do we have few leaders today? We have many people today who claim to be leaders but I am so concerned by the way the look like and act. Their actions do not connect, they do not walk the talk.
Again, why successors of what we call great leaders do not look to reflect the admired actions did by their fore runners?

Look at the late his Exc JK Nyerere, Nkwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi you name it. Are their successors reflecting the true characters of the mentioned few great leaders? If YES, then my statement could be verily, but if NO therefore, my subject contravenes my comprehension. 
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